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Come chill with like-minded people and consume some of the best cannabis in the area grown right on premis at our microgrow

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Our lounge is set in the front of our building with comfortable seating, galactic murals, ambient lighting, and chill music. There is no charge to enter the lounge. We kindly ask that you do not bring in outside product. Just purchase your products from our dispensary and enjoy here if you desire! 


Come kick back in our cozy lounge and hang with like minded individuals. Customers can enjoy flower, cannabis drinks, pre-rolls and much more. Make sure to catch us on the weekends when we have our gravity bong set up! Customers are allowed to bring in their own smoking devices as long as they are clean. We are a tobacco free campus so no blunt wraps or backwoods are allowed but hemp wraps, papers, and cones are encouraged. We also have sterile and clean bongs and dab rigs available to rent should you desire. 


We will be hosting a variety of events from art expos, game nights, and trivia to yoga classes and concerts in the parking lot.

Private parties can be booked through our management. Check our calendar for a list of updated events.

We will be working with local food trucks to make sure our clients don't leave with the munchies!

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